Our Morningside Venue is set in the heart of Morningside and the exact address will be provided on signup for our classes.

Our term dates run according to the Gauteng 3 term Private School Schedule and may change from venue to venue. Please visit our Term Dates Page for dates.

Please feel free to email us or complete the enrollment form.


Alternatively you are welcome to call Diane on 082 316 5394

Nurture Me Playgroup

Toddler Classes

(1-3 years)

Baby Classes

(4-12 months)

The perfect integration and transition for our little ones into play school. Attendance is with their nanny for the full duration of the morning.

Ages 1-3 years

Time: 8:30am - 11:30am/11:45am


Playgroup Days



Weekly Educational Classes for both nanny and toddler. Making use of recyclable materials to stimulate fine and gross motor skills, creative activities, messy play and more!

Duration: 1hr and 30 minutes


Toddler Class Times

Tuesday             10:00am

Tuesday             11:00am       

Tuesday          14:30    

Thursday            11:00am         

Weekly Educational Classes for both nanny and baby. Focusing on sensory development, 1st year developmental milestones and safety tips for all.

Duration: 1hr 15 minutes


Baby Class Times

Thursday      10:00am

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