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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Nurturing Nannies provides parents with:

  • Peace of mind that the chosen caretaker of your little one is equipped with the knowledge of how best to interact with them.

  • A nurturing nanny that posseses a toolkit of age appropriate activities aimed at enhancing the development of your little one.

  • A nanny equiped with an element of child safety precautions around the home.

  • A happy, healthy and stimulated child.

After working very closely with these wonderful loving nannies we have noticed a sense of achievement, confidence and self-worth in themselves. These incredible woman absorb their "new" child stimulation ideas and are not only practicing their new taught techniques in surburban homes but are taking their education back home to all parts of the country and continent. More on our outreach programmes to follow.

Giving Back to our Community

Benefits to your Nanny:


  • Provides guidance on what activities are best for your Little One's stage of development


  • To understand WHY we do certain activities and what aspects of your baby's development they target


  • To learn how to have FUN with your Little One


  • Understanding safety in the home and what precautionary measures to take


  • To develop a way of thinking that encourages creativity and ingenuity


  • To gain confidence in their interaction with your Little One


  • To be able to learn from others' experiences and to share their own


  • Provides a forum where questions can be asked in a friendly and open environment

Benefits to Your Little One:


  • Provides an interactive, creative learning environment


  • Scaffolds their learning and development


  • Babies and young children learn best from modeling other children


  • Sessions provide age appropriate activities aimed to enhance their development - fine motor, gross motor, perceptual and sensory skills


  • Provides an opportunity to develop skills towards meeting their early learning goals - early literacy, problem solving, numeracy, creative development, physical development, knowledge and understanding of the world and personal, social, and emotional well-being


  • Potential for a smoother transition into a formal pre-school education


Babies and young children are the most absorbent, ready learners and the world is their classroom. Each and every experience they have presents a new learning opportunity and often it is these experiences that we, as adults, take for granted. We provide peace of mind to you, as the parents, knowing that not only is your child enjoying a class atmosphere but teaching your Nanny how to stimulate your Little One correctly on an on-going basis.


Nurturing Nannies aims to highlight to your Nanny where these opportunities are hidden and how to make the most of them to enhance the development of your Little One. We strongly believe in 'learning through play' and our ultimate aim is for both nanny and little one to have fun! 

What Happens in Class?

What Happens after Class?

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