Craighall Park

Our Craighall Park venue is based at a local play school in the area. The exact address will be provided on signup for our classes. 

Our term dates run according to the Gauteng 3 term Private School Schedule. Please visit our Term Dates Page for  dates.​

Please feel free to email us or complete the enrollment form.


Alternatively you are welcome to call Philippa on 082 29 60 141

Nurture Me Playgroup


Toddler Classes

(1-3 years)

A longer morning of stimulation is the perfect integration and transition for our little ones into play school.  Attendance is with their nanny for the full duration of the morning.

Duration: 3 Hours


Playgroup Days

Mondays: 8:30-11:30)

Wednesdays: 8:30-11:30)

Fridays: 8:30-11:30)

Weekly Educational Classes for both nanny and toddler. Making use of recyclable materials to stimulate fine and gross motor skills, creative activities, messy play and more!

Duration: 1hr and 30 minutes


Toddler Class Times

Tuesdays:     08:30-10:00am

Wednesdays: 8:30-10:00am 

Wednesdays: 10:30-12:00pm

Thursdays:    08:30-10:00am

Thursdays:   10:15 - 11:30am

Baby Classes

(4-12 months)

Weekly Educational Classes for both nanny and baby. Focusing on 1st year developmental milestones, sensory development, age-appropriate stimulation and safety tips for all.

Duration: 1hr 15 minutes


Baby Class Times

Tuesday: 10:45-12:00

Thursday: 10:45-12:00

Thursday: 10:15-11:30 (older babies)

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