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As a loving, dedicated and supportive parent we urge you to ask us any questions you may have. We have included some questions below that may help to put your mind at ease. We are very happy to discuss any requirements or requests you may have no matter how big or small.

Who attends the classes?

Your Child's Nanny along with your baby or child will attend our 1.5hr class at your chosen location. The course is designed to teach your child's nanny how to stimulate your child whilst your child bonds with their carer and enjoys the nurturing play activities.


Can I as the parent/grandparent attend the class?

Unfortunately this special time is reserved strictly for Nannies and Children. We have observed a change in the atmosphere and dynamic when a parent attends the class as the nannies tend to become reserved when it is really their time to bond and learn with your child. The moms are encouraged to join the class on the last day of the term for our special certificate ceremony and to see the activities learnt throughout the term. In the unfortunate event your Nanny is off ill, kindly notify us and we will arrange for a makeup class.


It is school holidays - could my other child/children attend the class?

Yes absolutely! We encourage older siblings and children in the class as younger children thoroughly enjoy watching and copying "bigger smaller" people. We would however require prior notice of additional children along with a small upfront fee per child. However, we would please prefer no more than one nanny to two children. We are more than happy to arrange a carer to attend that particular class in the event there are additional children.


Do you offer a trial class that my Little One and nanny could attend?

Yes we really encourage one FREE trial class for your nanny and child. Please contact us to arrange your trial class. This is limited to one trial class for nanny and child and not one trial class per location. 


Could you arrange a class in my area?

Of course -  We are always looking for new locations. We would require a minimum of 4 Nannies and children to start a Popup Class and we would run the classes each week. Please contact us as we would be very happy to discuss your requirements -



My Child has allergies and I am concerned about your messy play activities

Please inform us of any of your child's allergies on our enrollment form and please please please make sure your nanny is very well aware of these allergies and how to treat them. More importantly it is important your nanny knows what to do for your child in the event of emergency. We will offer a different activity to your child that day or eliminate that activity all together depending on the type of allergy


I desperately would like my child and nanny to attend class but I work and cannot get them to the locations provided?

We have a few options available for you to choose from. We could start a new Popup Class in your area provided we have at least 4 nannies and children to attend the classes. Another option is to team up with a friend and share lifts each way to one of our specified locations. We have recently been in touch with reputable child transport services and we will gladly provide you with their details to make contact with them **


It is my child's (or nanny's) birthday - can we bring some birthday treats that day?

Absolutely! We love to celebrate happy occasions and thoroughly enjoy making the loved ones in your lives feel special. Should you wish to send "naughty treats" for the little ones we request if it is possible to also provide a healthy treat (fruit, rice cakes etc) and the nanny can decide what the child is allowed to eat (as per the parents' instruction). Delicious sweet or savory treats are always appreciated by the nannies. Please note this is by no means compulsory but merely a suggestion and to avoid generous parents sending too many goodies. 


The term has started ... can I still join the class?

Yes please! Provided we are able to accommodate you in the class of your choice - based on current numbers - we would love you to join us. Contact us when you are ready to join and we will happily pro-rata your fees.


My Child/Nanny is sick can we arrange a make-up class?

Yes please notify us and we will gladly arrange a make-up class for you. Please be considerate to other kids and nannies and rather keep those feeling poorly home that day. Not to mention if your child isn't feeling well they often do not enjoy the class. Make up classes can only be made up in the current term and cannot be "rolled over" to the next term. Make-up classes are limited to 2 per term. 


I am concerned about photographs being taken during the class for use on the internet

We have a tick box on our enrollment form to agree/not agree on photographs taken during classes be published on our website/blog/newsletter/Facebook or the likes. Please ensure you mark the correct box and that your nanny is aware that you would prefer photographs of your child not to be taken. We strictly keep all photographs for Nurturing Nannies use only and would by no means use them for anything other than Nurturing Nannies requirements. 


Our Family is away but our Nanny would still like to attend the class (without a child)?

Yes - please allow your nanny to still attend the class. We would not like her to miss out on any of the activities and homework that she will still learn when you are away. We strongly encourage the nannies to come along even if they do not have a child with them for that particular class


Is your equipment cleaned regularly?

Without a doubt. As moms ourselves we are paranoid about passing on germs. We take utmost care in ensuring our equipment is cleaned using (safe) anti-bacterial soaps and/or Milton. 

** Should you decide to choose this option - Nurturing Nannies is not affiliated to these companies and cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances

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