What Happens in Class?


The combined nanny and child classes are 1.5 hrs and each session is based on a different weekly theme.

During the careful planning of each class and the nannies' weekly homework, consideration is given to encourage the following early learning goals:

  • early literacy

  • problem solving and numeracy

  • creative development

  • personal, social, health and emotional well-being, and

knowledge and understanding of the world


Classes incorporate the main areas of your Little One’s early learning and development. Below is a typical class outline: 


  • Welcome song

  • Discussion and Feedback

  • Visual and Auditory Development

  • Interactive Nursery Rhymes and Songs

  • Gross Motor Skills Development - for example: back and tummy work, encouraging crawling, standing, and walking, early ball skills etc ...

  • Fine Motor Control Development - For example developing the pincer grip.

  • Vestibular and Perceptual Development - these activites encourage balance, spatial awareness, coordination, eye control, attention, being secure with movement and even some aspects of language development


Break for tea and snack


  • Creative Activity - nannies get creative with various materials you can generally find around the house to make a development toy based on the theme of the week. For example: musical instruments, sensory bags, discovery bottles etc ... OR the little ones get involved too to create something wonderful!

  • Messy / Sensory Play / Discovery and Discussion - usually outdoors this will incorporate examples of what the nannies are encouraged to do for 'homework'. This benefits the nanny by giving them ideas for activities to do at home and guidance on how to make sure that they understand how to tap into its developmental objective. For example: playing with colourful spaghetti, water trays, going on a treasure hunt in the sand, playing with gloop etc ...

  • Story Time - nannies are provided with guidance on how to read to your Little One and encouraged to make up their own stories!

  • Hand out and Discuss Homework

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