Our nannies are taught how to make use of equipment and recyclable materials around them as well as an element of safety precautions around the house is discussed during each class. We find this really motivates the nannies to continue practising and expanding on these activities back home with your young child.  


During the 1.5hr combined nanny and child session, nannies are encouraged to take advantage of the various materials and equipment that you may have at home and turn them into creative developmental toys - perhaps with a few sparkly bits thrown in!


The idea is to highlight that "there is a learning experience in some unexpected places. It is just a case of knowing how to take advantage of it". 

Colourful Spaghetti

A fantastic tactile experience...

and delicious!

Discovery Bottles

Sometimes colourful, sometimes noisy

but alwasy fun!

Slippery Slime

Fun to make and even more fun to play with ...

and totally edible!


Whether it is just the feel of sand between little fingers or the discovery of hidden treasure - 

it is always a win!

Nannies then return the following week to share their experiences and products, ask questions and learn from each other. 

Nannies are provided with 'homework' each week that includes:

  • a list of the activities introduced during the class to continue practising at home.

  • a creative element that may involve creating a sensory sausage, slippery slime or musical instruments.

  • Discovery and discussion, which is important to encourage a learning based interaction with your Little One. This could be a nature walk or helping them to pack and unpack different discovery boxes. 

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