Age Groups


Our sessions target a flexible age range. This is because babies and children learn best by modeling the behaviour and skills of those around them. Who better to learn from than someone just a little older who may have already reached your Little One's next development milestone?


Our activities are easily differentiated for all ages - it is just a matter of knowing how. Nannies are shown how to make the most of these no matter what your Little One's age. This makes Nurturing Nannies a PERFECT opportunity for siblings to learn together!

4 - 12 months
12 months - 3yrs


Toddlers 12 months - 3 yrs

Baby Classes

In this age group, babies will be both just starting to sit supported and be accomplished crawlers.


Activities for these little ones will be focused around strengthening the core, gross motor activities, developing the fine motor skills such as the pincer grip, beginning ball sports, audio and visual development and early problem solving.


All babies at this age group are still developing their speech and communication skills. For these little ones sensory and perceptual development is key!

Baby Classes are 1hour and 15 minutes

Toddler Classes and Playgroup

No longer babies, but todders and little people!


The activities for this age group will continue to focus on physical development but will be tailored according to their increased level of perceptual skills and coordination. Early literacy and numeracy are also given prominence.


There is a greater level of independence in their learning at this stage and this will be harnessed to ecourage the development of 'critical thinkers'.


Activities are aimed at confidence building to encourage little ones to engage with and explore their surroundings - pushing the boundaries of their own learning.


It is all about 'blue sky thinking'. 

Toddler Classes are 1hour and 30 minutes

Playgroup (attendance with the nanny) are approx 3hrs

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